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Well it’s budget day in the province today.  And Finance Minister Rosann Wowchuk says it may be a tough one.  Wowchuk says with a flat economy and flat federal transfer payments, some things may have to go.  We’ll have all your budget highlights for you, tomorrow morning.


Work is getting underway on Manitoba’s second major wind farm.  The 345 million dollar development will be built near the community of St.Joseph.  Premier Greg Selinger says he expects power from the site by the end of the year.


The city has launched a police cadet program which Mayor Sam Katz says will free up regular cops to tackle more serious crime.  The cadets will be used to enforce some provincial laws, they’ll work alongside officers for crowd control at public events and guard crime scenes.  The cadets won’t carry firearms but, will have pepper spray and batons.  The city hopes to hire 30 cadets this year and 20 more next spring.


Police in Hillside, New Jersey are looking for a hungry burglar.  They say someone broke into a restaurant, got chicken from a freezer and cooked it….along with some rice…in a frying pan.  Police say the burglar left his dirty dishes behind, and ignored the 200 bucks in the cash register.


You may have to pay more to watch t.v. in this country….but not just yet.  The CRTC says it agrees with television networks that they should be allowed to negotiate payment for their signals from cable and satellite companies.  But, they also say they’ll seek an opinion from the courts first.  Cable companies have warned that consumers will bear the costs of those fees if they’re imposed.


New allegations this morning that Michael Jackson’s doctor stopped doing CPR on the singer, and delayed calling 9-1-1 so he could collect drug vials in the room.  Documents show that’s the account given to investigators by one of Jackson’s assistants.  Alberta Alvarez says Dr. Conrad Murray was handing him drug vials and telling him to put them in a bag.  Jackson died last June from an overdose of a powerful anesthetic and 2 other sedatives that were administered by Murray.


Couple of golfers are the talk of their club in Rancho Bernardo, California.  Charles White landed a hole in one on the 9th hole of their club on Sunday.  Next up in the foursome was Kitty Tinker, who did exactly the same thing.  The players reaction to the back to back aces?  Disbelief is a good word.  A Golf Digest study has calculated the odds of 2 golfers in the same foursome acing the same hole at 17 million to one.


A San Diego judge has sentenced a married couple to jail for serial shoplifting, and at the same time took a moment to slam T.V.’s Dr. Phil.  Judge Irma Gonzalez called the t.v. host, a “charlatan.”  The couple the judge had sentenced had appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and admitted to shoplifting.  They told the court that they had hoped Dr. Phil would help them, but say all they got was 3 autographed books.  The couple is now facing several months behind bars.


U.S. President Barack Obama will sign his new health care bill today in a special ceremony.  Then, he’s planning on hitting the road later in the week to try and sell Americans on the deal. 


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