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News for September 16th/2009

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The province says they won’t give Greyhound any money, until they have a chance to check out the company’s books.  Last week, Greyhound said unless it got 15 million dollars in subsidies, it would stop running buses in Manitoba and northwest Ontario.  Transport Minister Ron Lemieux says before any cash gets handed over, he wants to know a few things like….which of the company’s routes are losing money.


Meantime…union officials expect Greyhound to start handing out layoff notices this week.  About 200 employees are expected to get 2 week layoff notices tomorrow or Friday….that is….unless the company can reach some sort of deal with the province.


A 79 year old Winnipeg dentist has been suspended for 6 months after one of his patients nearly bled to death.  The patient, who was on blood thinners, went to Dr. Russell Laba to have 18 teeth taken out back in March of 2007.  The Manitoba Dental Association has now permanently banned him from doing any sort of dental surgery, but, he’ll still be able to do things like crown and bridge work.


So it looks like the plug will not get pulled on the Harper government after-all.  And you can thank both the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP for that.  Both parties say they’ll support the minority government in a confidence vote this Friday.  The Liberals on the other hand will try once again next month to bring the feds down, and force a snap election.


Prime Minister Harper will soon be hanging out with one of the most popular leaders on the planet.  Harper will sit down at the White House for a chat with President Barack Obama.  The 2 will talk economy, the Afghan mission and border security. 


Some good news for moms who use baby formula.  A new study has found that babies fed formula containing the essential fatty acid DHA, appear to have higher cognitive skills than infants given just regular formula. 


If you’re a fan of t.v.’s “Big Brother,” then you’ll want to turn down your radio for a few seconds.  “Big Brother 11” wrapped for the season last night and churned out its latest winner.  And she is Jordan Lloyd.  The 22 year old waitress from North Carolina took the half million dollar prize last night.



News for September 15th/2009

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have delayed a decision on whether to remove former team president Ross Brown from its Hall of Fame.  There were immediate calls for him to be stripped of his status after he plead guilty to possession of child pornography.  A Bomber spokesperson says they have delayed their decision to allow for further study of this unprecedented situation.


A judge has sentenced an exotic dancer—turned—carpenter to 6 years in jail for a drunk driving crash that killed a Winnipeg grandmother.  41 year old Hugo Ruizfuentes drive his pickup truck through a red light last December and collided with a car driven by Elaine Stoller.  He plead guilty last month to impaired driving causing death.


Premier Gary Doer is under fire for having 2 jobs.  Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard says Doer is in a conflict of interest position being both Premier and the country’s new U.S. ambassador.  Doer however says he’ll be stepping down as Premier on October 8th, when the fall session of the legislature wraps up.


Well it’s looking more and more like we won’t be going to the polls this fall.  Reports say the NDP will likely support the Harper minority government in a confidence vote this Friday.  And that would mean there would not be a fall election after-all.  But, as with everything political, nothing is guaranteed.


Fans and celebrities alike are mourning the death of actor Patrick Swayze.  He passed away yesterday, after nearly a 2 year battle with pancreatic cancer.  Swayze, who actually got the key to our city several years ago, was 57.


It was not a great day for Kanye West, as many in the entertainment industry criticized him for his actions at Sunday night’s MTV video awards show.  That’s when the rap star grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift, and told the crowd that Beyonce was more deserving of the trophy.  West was a guest on Jay Leno’s new show last night, and he said he’s both sorry and will take some time off for reflection.


News for September 14th/2009

Monday, September 14th, 2009

City police arrested several people after some fans got a little carried away following a concert by shock rocker, Marilyn Manson last night.  As rowdy fans poured out of the MTS center, police ended up blocking off Portage avenue and had to call for back up to settle everyone down.  Several arrests were made.


An autopsy will be done this week on a body found in a Winnipeg cemetery.  Police say they are treating the man’s death as suspicious.  So far, his name has not been released.


Former Finance Minister, Greg Selinger is starting to roll out some promises.  He says if become premier, he’ll offer people who keep fit a tax credit.  The province already gives parents a 500 dollar tax credit for every child 16 and under, to help offset the cost of amateur sports.  In an effort to promote healthy living, Selinger says that should be extended to adults.


As the House of Commons gets back to business today in Ottawa, the country’s political parties are gearing up for a possible fall election.  The Tories are expected to introduce changes to Employment Insurance rules this week, in advance of Friday’s crucial confidence vote.  He Liberals plan to use that vote to bring down the government. 


The Afghan mission has claimed the life of another Canadian soldier….the 130th since 2002.  21 year old Private, Patrick Lormand was killed yesterday in a roadside bomb blast. 


Another tape recording from al-Qaida leader, Osama Bin Laden, says U.S. President Barack Obama, is “powerless” to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The 11 minute tape is an address to the American people, 2 days after the 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.


A frightening night out for 17 Winnipeg women attending a stagette party.  They were traveling on a bus Saturday night, when a fire broke out in a generator.  Luckily no one was hurt.  The owner of the bus says his fleet undergoes safety inspections on a regular basis, but he has now decided to remove all generators on all buses.


News for September 11th/2009

Friday, September 11th, 2009

A man charged with first degree murder in a 25 year old murder case, has been ordered to stand trial.  45 year old Mark Grant is accused of kidnapping and killing 13 year old Candace Derksen back in November of 1984.  She was walking home from school when she disappeared.  Grant was finally arrested in May of 2007, after police linked him to the crime through DNA.


Mass vaccination programs against the swine flu, could be easier than first thought.  New studies suggest the average adult needs only a single dose…..and the country’s chief public health officer says that would make more vaccine available for the rest of the world.


As you would expect, the FBI is telling police across the U.S. to be vigilant today, as it is the 8th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.  President Barack Obama will attend a ceremony at the Pentagon, one of the targets of the 4 jetliners commandeered by terrorists.  The attacks that year, killed over 3 thousand people.


A parole hearing will be held today in eastern Ontario for Mike Danton.  The 28 year old former NHL player was jailed in the U.S. for more than 7 years for allegedly trying to have his coach killed.  Last March, Danton was transferred to a medium security prison in Joyceville, Ontario.


Bad weather in Florida forced NASA to scrub their plans on bringing Discovery home last night.  The space agency says it’ll try for another landing today at 4:48 Winnipeg time this afternoon.  Discovery does have enough supplies to stay in orbit until Sunday.


The Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins went to the White House yesterday to meet President Barack Obama.  Captain Sydney Crosby gave the president a Penguin jersey with “Obama” and 44 on the back.  He is of course the 44th president.


That firehouse in Osborne Village will soon get another manager.  This, to keep firefighters in line and to restore the public’s confidence in the hall…which has recently been called a “frat house.”  The change is a result of yet another story of a crew member being involved with a female visitor while on duty.  The new bosses will move in on Sunday.


News for September 10th/2009

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Manitoba will soon be the first province in the country to mandate the use of biodiesel.  As of November 1st, 2 per cent of all diesel fuel sold here, will have to be biodiesel.  Energy Minister Jim Rondeau says the move will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is the equivalent of taking some 11 thousand cars off the road.


City police have busted a high end brothel and 2 people have now been charged.  45 year old Barbara McIntosh, and 53 year old Donald McIntosh, are now facing several charges, including running a common bawdy house, and living off the avails of prostitution.  The couple are accused of renting out rooms in a house to sex trade workers, and also booking appointments for them.


Kromar Printing is one lucky place to work for people who like to play the lottery.  For the 2nd time in under 2 months, people working or retired from the company have won a million dollar jackpot.  The latest winners yesterday included a pair of former employees who won a cool million on Western 6/49.

Back in July, 3 current Kromar staffers shared nearly 11 million dollars.  And a few years ago, another Kromar employee one a million in a set for life ticket.


No change is expected this morning when the Bank of Canada makes its announcement on interest rates.  For the past 5 months, the central bank’s trend setting rate has been at one quarter of one per cent.  Analysts say they expect the rate to stay there until the economy starts picking up again.


NASA says thunderstorms could delay plans to have Discovery land in Florida this evening.  In fact, the forecast for the Cape Canaveral area calls for storms for at least the next 4 days.  That could force the shuttle to land in California. 


Canadians are getting quite ticked off about the cost of holding yet another federal election, which could come this fall.  Every time we head to the polls it costs about 300 million dollars.  A recent survey from Harris-Decima says a majority of Canadians think that money could be put to better use during these tough economic times.


Who knew he was still married?  After more than a decade of separation, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has filed for divorce from his 47 year old wife, Kimberly.  Hef, who’s 83 now, is asking a judge to order him to pay her 20 thousand a month in spousal support.  That would be half of what he has been paying since they separated in 1998.  The couple by the way, have 2 sons together.


News for September 9th/2009

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The help wanted sign is going up at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  After 11 years on the job, Dr. Brian Postl has decided to quit as president and chief executive officer.  Postl says he does want to stay in Winnipeg, and in fact may apply for the job of dean of medicine at the U of M, which comes open next July.


A sad story out of the Interlake.  An elderly woman is dead following a house fire yesterday.  Rescuers were able to save the women’s 3 grandchildren, but, they weren’t able to save her.  So far there’s no word on the cause of the blaze which happened in the hamlet of Deerhorn, near Ericksdale.


A city man who shot his best friend to death during a card game, has been slapped with a 50 month prison sentence.  28 year old Tyson McKay, pulled out a loaded shotgun during a card game, and showed it to 20 year old Sonny Bjarnason.  While Bjarnason was shuffling the cards, McKay started playing with the weapon, when it went off and shot Bharnason in the chest and killed him.


As we told you yesterday, there is now 3 official candidates in the race to replace Gary Doer.  Yesterday, Finance Minister Greg Selinger stepped down, so he could join the contest.  Last week, Andrew Swan and Steve Ashton threw their hats into the ring. 


Thousands of Canadian workers who got pink slips this year, can expect a little more help from Ottawa.  The feds are apparently going to introduce changes to E.I., when parliament resumes sitting next week.  So far word is that some of the changes will include extending the length of time people can get those E.I. cheques.


Remember that couple down in California who held Jaycee Dugard captive for 18 years?  Well, investigators have been busy digging up the backyard of Phillip Garrido….wondering if they might find human remains.  And, just as they suspected, they think they may have found human bones yesterday.  DNA tests will now be done to find out the bone’s age, and who it might have belonged to.


Well for those not wanting another election….you’re not gonna like this news.  The leader of the Bloc Quebecois is convinced we will indeed be heading to the polls this fall for the 2nd general election in a year.  Gilles Duceppe says the chances of a fall vote are more than great. 


News for September 8th/2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

The city’s latest homicide victim was supposed to have started Grade 12 this week, at an East Kildonan High School.  17 year old Michael Jok, died after being stabbed early Sunday.  Jok and a 21 year old buddy were stabbed after they got into a verbal fight with a group of people in a vehicle.  So far, police have made no arrests.


Well the “chopper talk” is heating up again.  Police chief, Keith McCaskill says he’ll submit a report to the city in the next few days, outlining why the force should get a helicopter.  And, he’s hoping the chopper could be flying as early as next year.  The cost of the helicopter would be more than 2 million dollars.


And then there were 3.  The race to replace Gary Doer as leader of the NDP, will get a little stronger today.  Finance Minister Greg Selinger has scheduled a news conference for today to announce he’s gonna run.  He’ll now join Steve Ashton and Andrew Swan, who’ve already announced.


Wash your hands often, and stay home from school if you have flu like symptoms.  Those are the warnings students can expect to see and hear as most Canadian children begin a new school year this week.  Public health and education officials are urging parents and teachers to work with them to help stop the potential spread of the swine flu this fall.


Astronauts aboard the shuttle and space station, packed up Buzz Lightyear for the ride home.  The action figure has been at the station for more than a year, and NASA says a video made of Buzz will be used in an educational outreach effort for kids.  The shuttle by the way, will undock from the space station this afternoon, to begin its trip back to Earth.


Despite the tough economy, the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon raised just over 60 million dollars U.S. from this year’s annual Labour Day event.  The money will continue funding worldwide research to find treatments and cures for MD and related diseases.


News for September 4th/2009

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Well there are now 3 names in the race to replace Premier Gary Doer.  As we told you yesterday, Andrew Swan, MLA for Minto, declared on Wednesday.  And yesterday we learned that Intergovermental Affairs Minister Steve Ashton will also run.  Meanwhile, Portage resident and NDP party member, John Boehm says he also intends to take a stab at the leadership.


Want a free flu shot?  There’s a city doctor who is looking for 50 volunteers to test the new swine flu shot.  Dr. Fred Aoki, from the U of M’s medical school will conduct the adult only clinical trial.  The 50 people he’s hoping to recruit could get the shot as early as October 6th, part of clinical trials of the vaccine that will see 4 thousand Canadians get a test shot.


Health experts say some regions of the country aren’t as prepared as they should be for a 2nd wave of swine flu, expected this fall.  As a national conference on the virus wraps up in Winnipeg, some experts say many regions wasted away the summer months and didn’t get action plans together.


An investigation into that alleged incident, involving an on duty firefighter…may be re-opened, this after the woman has come forward with her story.  The firefighter told a disciplinary hearing, that the pair kissed but did not have sex.  But the 24 year old waitress now says she and the firefighter did have sex, and she feels she was taken advantage of. 


The future of Greyhound bus service on the Prairies is up in the air.  The company says unless it gets millions of dollars in subsides, and less red tape, it’ll shut down service in Manitoba this fall.  Greyhound of course just opened a brand new terminal out at the airport this summer.  An airport spokesperson says they signed a 40 year lease on the building…and, no matter what, they plan on holding Greyhound to it.


Michael Jackson is now finally, in his final resting place….a mausoleum in Glendale, California.  There was a private outdoor funeral service for the King of Pop last night, more than 2 months after his sudden death at the age of 50.  Among those who attended last night…..Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley and Macaulay Culkin.


News for September 3rd/2009

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

City police have uncovered what may be a made in Manitoba ponzi scheme that lasted nearly a decade.  Cops say at least 23 victims were bilked out of 6.5 million by a local financial advisor.  Apparently many of those victims were elderly and some have since died.  The man, who is not being named, is facing 24 counts of fraud related charges.


A prominent Winnipeg doctor, who at one time was president of the Blue Bombers, is now off to jail for possession of child porn.  A judge sentenced 72 year old Ross Brown to 45 days behind bars, and 3 years probation, after he admitted to possessing nearly 5 thousand pornographic photos involving children, some as young as 2 years of age.


City police are still looking for a motive after the head of a 14 month old baby girl was smashed several times against a sidewalk, early Tuesday.  19 year old Nikita Eaglestick is charged with attempted murder, abduction and assault.  The baby is still listed in serious condition in hospital.


Michael Jackson’s family is preparing to inter the star in a southern California mausoleum later today.  It’ll be a private service, just north of Los Angeles.  The mausoleum is filled with other legendary entertainers, including Clark Gable, Jean Harlow and W.C. Fields.


The fate of the federal government could rest on what NDP leader Jack Layton has to say today.  He’s expected to make clear his party’s position on the Liberal’s plan to try and bring down the government this fall.  Up until now, New Democrats have offered to work with the Tories on a case by case basis, which would postpone an election for awhile.


NASA says a large piece of space junk could come a little tooooo close, to both the International Space Station and shuttle Discovery.  The junk is part o a European rocked that blasted into orbit 3 years ago.  The space agency says the junk could come within 3 kilometers of both the shuttle and station tomorrow.


There’s finally a hat in the ring to take over Premier Gary Doer’s job.  Andrew Swan, who’s only been an MLA for 5 years, stepped down yesterday as minister of training and trade, to run for the top job.  Swan currently represents the riding of Minto in the city’s west end.


News for September 2nd/2009

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Well this news should not come as any real surprise.  August, was another record breaking month.  In fact, it was the 9th straight month of below normal temperatures in the province.  The last time that happened was in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.


Here’s some interesting news.  On Monday, the provincial NDP came up with October 17th, as the date of their leadership convention.  Yesterday, 2 big names in the party said they were not gonna run.  Both Labor Minister, Nancy Allen, and former MP, Bill Blaikie said they had no interest.  And, so far nobody else has thrown their hat into the ring.


A city man has been crushed to death by a dumpster.  It happened yesterday morning as the dumpster was being lowered back to the ground.  Police say they’re not sure if the 39 year old man had been sleeping in the alley at the time. 


There’s a coffeemaker recall to tell you about this morning.  Health Canada has recalled the Black and Decker thermal 8 cup coffeemaker.  It apparently can overheat, melt and become a fire hazard.  In fact, there’s been a total of 46 reports of just that happening.  If you have one, officials say you should stop using it immediately. 


Lookin more and more like we’re headin to the polls this fall.  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says the prime minister’s time is up as far as he’s concerned.  And he says the party will make every attempt to bring down the minority government, with their first chance coming in early October.   


A new poll out this morning says there seems to be a great divide among Canadians when it come to whether or not to get a swine flu shot this fall.  The survey found only 45 per cent of Canadians intended to get vaccinated for H1-N1…..and, that’s a finding the country’s chief public health officer says is unfortunate.  Dr. David Butler-Jones says those shots are a way of slowing down any pandemic that may occur.


A scary new report on the effects of global warming.  A study by the World Wildlife Fund, has found Arctic climate change is happening faster than anyone thought, and may be forcing more rapid warming on the rest of the planet.