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There’s a bit of a population boom in the province these days.  Figures from Statscan show nearly 16 thousand people came to Manitoba over the past year.  As of July 1st, there are exactly one million, 222 thousand people living in the province.  Officials say immigration has been driving much of the growth.


The major crimes unit will investigate the tasering of a man who, remains in hospital in critical condition.  It happened Monday night, when the man got into an altercation with city police. 


Those 2 city teens who plotted to randomly gun down people at 2 high schools, a university and a church, will be sentenced as adults.  A 17 year old male and his 18 year old girlfriend, have both pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit murder.  A sentencing hearing is expected to take place in the next few weeks.


The Blue Bombers have come up with a policy on what to do about members of the team’s Hall of Fame, who run into serious trouble with the law.  From now on, anyone convicted of an indictable offence, will be immediately removed from the hall.  The decision comes on the heels of Dr. Ross Brown’s recent conviction of possessing child pornography. 


Billionaire, Guy Laliberte has rocketed his way into becoming this country’s first ever space tourist.  The founder of Cirque du Soleil, blasted into space this morning about a Russian Soyuz rocket.  Laliberte paid 35 million U.S. for his 12 day voyage to the international space station and back.


The CRTC is trying to put an end to an e-mail that’s circulating around North America these days.  The e-mail says telemarketers will be given access to everyone’s cellphone numbers next month.  A CRTC spokesperson says there is some info in the e-mail which is accurate, but the part about cell numbers being released?  Well, that’s totally false. 


Signs of devastation are everywhere on the Pacific Islands of Samoa and American Samoa.  At least 100 people are dead, after a tsunami swamped the islands.  A powerful underwater earthquake hurled the massive waves at the islands shores, flattening villages and sweeping cars and people away.


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