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A Winnipeg cop is in stable condition in hospital this morning, this after being run over by a vehicle while trying to subdue a suspect.  Police say they were chasing a stolen vehicle last night when the suspect dumped the car at a gas station.  The suspect took off on foot, and an officer gave chase.  The officer tackled the suspect and while the 2 were struggling on the ground, a vehicle ran over the officer.


A KLM 747 Jumbo Jet, made an unscheduled stop in the city yesterday afternoon.  The Airport Authority says the plane was en route from Amsterdam to Los Angeles.  It landed in Winnipeg around 2:30 yesterday afternoon though, because of a medical emergency.  The passenger was taken to hospital, and the plane took off about an hour later.


Well known city lawyer, Greg Brodsky is in a little hot water himself these days.  He’s been fined 39 thousand bucks for mishandling a former client’s account.  The Law Society of Manitoba charged Brodsky with failing to act with integrity, amongst other things.  The sanctions will remain on Brodsky’s permanent record.  It’s the first time in his 46 year career that he’s been called on the carpet by the society.


The governor of the Bank of Canada is urging businesses to increase their efforts to help the country emerge from the recession.  Mark Carney says governments and bankers have pretty much done all they can to help out.  He says recovery efforts could fizzle out unless businesses now step up to the plate.


A lawyer representing Roman Polanski filed a motion today to try and get the film maker’s release from a Swiss jail.  As we told you yesterday, Polanski was arrested on a 31 year old U.S. warrant on the weekend, as he arrived in Zurich for a film festival.  The U.S. has been seeking his extradition for having sex with a 13 year old girl back in 1977.


How would you like 400 pages worth of the inner thoughts of Sarah Palin?  The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate has just finished her memoir , 4 months after the book deal was announced.  The book is called, “Going Rouge: An American Life,” and it goes on sale November 17th.


The evidence was eaten, but a Massachusetts judge has sentenced a man to 18 months in jail for ripping off a hot dog.  Police say Antonio Judd grabbed a dog from another man sitting under a tree in a park, this after flashing what appeared to be a gun. 


Those 2 Canadian men we told you about yesterday, gunned down in Mexico….well they were known to police in this country.  RCMP say the pair were involved in the drug trade.  The men were shot at point blank range outside a condo in Puerto Vallarta.  So far, no arrests have been made.


Conan O’Brien is back at work on the “Tonight Show,” and joking about the accident which left him with a slight concussion.  He hit his head while doing a stunt for the show on Friday, and had to be taken to hospital.  In his monologue last night, O’Brien told the audience that he hit his head so hard that for 5 seconds, he actually understood the plot of the T.V. show, “Lost.”

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