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A Winnipeg woman’s curiosity about child pornography has proven very costly.  The 29 year old has now been sentenced to 2 weeks in jail, she’s lost custody of her 10 year old son, and her long time common law relationship ended.  Prosecutors say the woman told police she didn’t think there was anything wrong with accessing the pornography, and was curious to see if she really could get it.


A city man is off to jail for 18 months, this after he took pictures of a 6 year old girl as she showered in his house.  Apparently, the girl had been playing outside with the man’s daughter, and asked to use the shower to clean up.  While taking that shower, the man came into the bathroom and took several digital pictures of the girl. 


If Steve Ashton becomes the next premier of Manitoba, he says replacement workers hired by companies during strikes or lockouts, may become a thing of the past.  Ashton, one of 3 people in the NDP leadership race, says he’d be willing to consider a law that would forbid companies fomr hiring temporary workers during a strike.


On the first full day of fall, parts of the Prairies were basking in a summer heat wave.  Temps pushed past 30 degrees in Alberta and Saskatchewan, shattering all kinds of records.  Yesterday in Edmonton it was 34 C., in Calgary it was 33, and Regina hit 30.  Here in the city, we hit a very nice 27 C.  Temps however are expected to cool off to the mid teens right across the Prairies this weekend. 


Nerves could be rattled today with news that Canadians who had a flu shot last year, could possibly have an increased risk of getting swine flu this year.  That’s the finding of a new study out this morning.  It suggests getting the seasonal flu shot, seems to double the person’s chances of getting H1-N1.


Researchers are reporting a breakthrough this morning in the search for an AIDS vaccine.  U.S. military and Thai health officials say an experimental vaccine cut the risk of HIV infection by more than 30 per cent.  Doctors say this the first evidence that we could have a safe and effective preventive vaccine.


Prime Minister Harper and other leaders from the world’s major industrialized nations, will head to Pittsburgh today for the G-20 summit.  Harper is hoping to talk a lot of trade, while U.S. President Barack Obama will look for further solution’s to the global recession.


The top selling video game around the world, is about to have a smaller price tag.  Nintendo is announcing it’ll slash the price of its very popular Wii gaming console by 50 bucks this Sunday to 200 dollars.  The move follows price cuts last month by game system rivals, Sony and Microsoft.



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