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The first human case of the West Nile virus this year, has now been reported.  Health officials say the victim is a man in his 80’s from the Brandon area.  Fortunately, the man is expected to make a full recovery.


3 Winnipeg firefighters are recovering from injuries they suffered while trying to put out a blaze at a 4 storey warehouse in Point Douglas yesterday.  One of the 3 had to be treated in hospital.  The fire broke out as workers were applying tar to repair the building’s roof. 


A city man, set on fire outside his home yesterday, fears there may be further attacks.  Derek Sanderson says he thinks he was targeted by the same group who attacked him and his father a week earlier.  Sanderson suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from his stomach down to his legs, when someone splashed paint thinner on him and ignited it.  The incident happened around 4:30 in the morning in the Wolsley area.


Ask pretty much anyone in southern Manitoba about this summer….and they’ll tell ya it was pretty darn crappy.  But, the month of September is now turning out to be record breaking.  Even though the official start of fall happened yesterday afternoon, stats show that September will be the warmest month of the entire year.  That’s something which has never happened before.


Prosecutors plan to increase the number of charges today against Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer-boyfriend, Howard K. Stern.  Defence lawyers in Smith’s drug overdose death case, say some new evidence has come to light in the case.  So far though, no word on what that is.


Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney says the country’s economy is beginning to pick up a little steam.  But, he also warns that it’s gonna be a long road to go before we’re completely out of this recession.  Carney says it’s unlikely there’ll be an immediate drop in unemployment.  Last month, the national jobless rate was 8.7 per cent….the highest in 11 years.

Looking to boost sales in fast growing Asia, Ford says it’ll soon manufacture a compact car in India…which it says will be a game changer.  The car will be called the “Figo” which is Italian slang for “cool.”  Production will start next year.


First it was transit agencies.  Now, the U.S. government has extended its terror alerts to stadiums, hotels and entertainment complexes, as it warns about a possible al-Qaida plot to set off hydrogen-peroxide bombs hidden in backpacks.  Homeland security got the tip about the bombs, after a recent arrest of an Afghan born man in Colorado.

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