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Dr. Ross Brown has saved the Bombers from making a tough decision.  He resigned yesterday from the Winnipeg Football Club Hall of Fame.  Brown had been convicted of possessing child pornography.  The 72 year old was a former president of the Blue Bombers.


After lots of media coverage, Manitoba Housing says it’ll take care of the snake problem at a seniors complex near Narcisse.  Work should apparently begin next week to repair the foundation of the facility to stop slithering garter snakes from slipping inside.  The snakes by the way come from the world’s largest dens, about an hour’s drive northeast of the city.


Everyone in the province can be vaccinated for the swine flu this fall.  After yesterday’s meeting of federal and provincial health ministers, our minister Theresa Oswald says, Manitoba will offer the shots free to everyone and anyone who wants one.  Usually it’s just senior’s and children who get vaccination’s for free.


It’s been a rough week in Afghanistan for Canadian soldiers.  Yesterday a roadside bomb took yet another life.  Private Jonathan Couturier died when it exploded near his vehicle, southwest of Kandahar city.  That raises to 131 the number of Canadian soldiers who’ve died on this Afghan mission, which began in 2002.


If you’re looking for souvenirs from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, you could get less than you pay for.  Organizers of the games say there are lots and lots of phoney items like, pins and shirts on the market right now.  They say official souvenirs have specific tags and holograms, identifying them as the real thing.


A top Canadian auto analyst says a growing number of drivers are buying used vehicles for 2 key reasons….cost and quality.  Dennis DesRosiers says more cash strapped Canadians are finding the price of a new vehicle out of reach.  He also says there was a time when buying a used car meant you were saddled with someone else’s problems.  But, he says those days are long gone because the quality of used vehicles these days is extremely good.


Tonight is the final draw for Lotto Super 7.  The jackpot is 21 million.  Super 7 will be replaced by Lotto Max, whose first draw is a week from tonight.


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