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Good news for those who ride Greyhound.  The bus company will continue to run until the end of next month at least, while they try to come up with solutions to their financial woes.  Greyhound had threatened to suspend service on October 2nd, if they didn’t get millions of dollars in subsidies.  But, after a meeting with the government yesterday, the 2 sides said they would continue working on both short and long term solutions.


Hazing younger students has resulted in suspensions for 25 kids at River East Collegiate.  Apparently some grade 10 boys got paddled with hockey sticks, while grade 10 girls were sprayed with bleach, vinegar and pickle juice. 


The Tories are blaming a shortage of nurses for the increase in the number of patients leaving Winnipeg emergency rooms without being seen by doctor.  New stats show that about 59 people a day walk out of ER’s because they got frustrated with the long wait, or decided to head to another another ER where the line up wasn’t so long.


A shipment of body bags to some northern Manitoba reserves has got native leaders pretty upset this morning.  Chiefs say they were part of a shipment of supplies to help reserves prepare for an outbreak of the swine flu. 


Horror this morning at a high school in southern Germany, where police say a 19 year old armed with an axe went on a rampage.  9 students were wounded.  Police say the attacker, who was also injured, has now been arrested.


The Feds have released a priority list for which Canadians should get the swine flu vaccine first this fall.  The country’s chief public health officer, says pregnant women, health care workers, children, people in remote areas and adults with chronic conditions should be first in line.  Vaccinations are expected to start in November.


You know the saying….good things come in 3’s?  Well, Cape Breton’s Adam Sams would likely agree.  After 20 years of trying, the 34 year old golfer nailed a hole in one last Friday.  Then, he got another one on Sunday, and a 3rd one this past Tuesday.  That’s 3 holes in one in just 5 days !  Mathematicians say the odds of that happening are 3 billion to one.


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