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A Liberal member of the Manitoba legislature has a long day, and night ahead of him.  Kevin Lamoureux says starting late this morning, he’ll sit in the emergency room at 7 Oaks hospital for 24 straight hours, to protest the fact the hospital no longer has emergency services. 


Yesterday we told things were pretty bad these days for Sony.  Today, it’s Hitachi.  That company is dropping the axe after predicting it’ll post a net loss in the current fiscal year.  Hitachi says it’ll slash about 7 thousand jobs worldwide. 


Amazing how the math works here.  Despite a plunge in oil prices over the past 6 months, this country’s biggest gas company is reporting a bigger profit.  Imperial Oil says it made 3.9 billion dollars in 08, up 23 per cent over 2007.


Don’t like this news.  A new survey suggests, Freedom 55, or 65 for that matter, is only a dream for many working Canadians.  The survey found that 48 per cent of employed Canadians believe they’ll work well past the customary retirement age of 65.  One analyst says that result probably has a lot to do with pension plans taking a huge hit on the stock markets.


You can’t hide from Google Earth.  Some marijuana growers in Switzerland found that out the hard way.  While using Google Earth, Swiss police just happened to find a pot plantation inside a corn field.  The cops were only looking for the address of a couple of farmers suspected in an alleged drug ring.  Google gave them the unexpected evidence.  They wound up busting 16 people and seizing more than a ton of dope.


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