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Well, the budget has been brought down.  And, it looks like there’s a little something for everyone.  There will be across the board tax cuts, money spent on infrastructure and job training.  For those who’ve lost their job, E.I. payments will be extended.  And, there will also be a credit for those doing any home improvements in the next 12 months.


Meantime, he’s slept on it, and now Michael Ignatieff must make a decision.  The Liberal leader met with his caucus last night, and today, he’ll announce whether his party will support the budget.  The Liberals could accept the document the way it is, press for changes to it, or flat out reject it.  If that happens though?  We’re back into talks of an election or coalition government.


Provincial bureaucrats in Manitoba are getting down to work, applying for loan programs announced in the budget.  Manitoba Finance Minister, Greg Selinger says yesterday’s budget has got a little something for everyone, including money for Winnipeg’s new airport terminal and social housing.  Selinger isn’t sure however just how much our province will get in the end.  A provincial budget by the way, is expected towards the end of March.


Safety concerns has forced LG, to recall some 13 thousand of their cell phones sold in Manitoba.  The model in question is the LG, 150.  MTS sold the phones between February 2007, until just last week.  Apparently, there are concerns about radio waves with those phones….although health officials say they don’t pose any immediate danger.  If you’re one of the people affected by the recall, you can head to any MTS connect store to get a replacement.


And, right now, their names are the letters A through H.  But doctors caring for those octuplets, that would be 8 babies, born Monday in California, are a feisty bunch and seem to be doing remarkably well.  As we told you yesterday, the 8 ranged from just over a pound to 3 pounds when they were born.


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