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It’s federal budget day………but, much of what we’re going to hear in the House of Commons this afternoon, will be old news.  The government has already spilled the beans on several of its spending plans, including money for job training and infrastructure.  The one thing they haven’t said however, is, will there be any tax cuts and if so, how much?  Guess we’ll know more by 2 o’clock Winnipeg time this afternoon.


The next big political question is, will the government survive this budget.  Or, are we still looking at some sort of coalition government down the road?  Well, the NDP and the Bloc have both said they’ll vote against whatever happens today.  So, the future of Stephen Harper, lies with the Liberals, and so far, new leader Michael Ignatieff says, he’ll wait until tomorrow morning before he decides what to do.


2 people are dead after separate snowmobile accidents in Manitoba.  One of the crashes happened early Sunday morning near Falcon Beach, but so far police have not released the victim’s name.  The other fatality stemmed from an accident back on January 18th when a snowmobile hit some jagged rocks in Snow Lake, injuring a 16 year old boy.  That teen died in a Winnipeg hospital on Saturday.


Locally, a vote is scheduled today on a merger that would create the biggest credit union in rural Manitoba.  If approved by members, outlets in Winkler, Morden, Altona and Carman will combine to form a new regional credit union consisting of 11 branches.  The merger, if approved, would take effect on July 1st.


And a win for some coffee jockey’s in Ontario.  60 year old Jorma Hogbacka is one of the 3 winner’s of last weekend’s 6/49 draw.  Yesterday, the St. Catherine’s man went and picked up his almost 15 million dollar cheque.  And, one of the first things on his to-do list, was to drop off 5-30 thousand dollar cheque’s to some Tim Horton employee’s….who he said…always got his order right.

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