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Manitoba has a new title.  We’ve been dubbed the worst recyclers in the entire country.  When most of the country is diverting about 25 per cent of its garbage away from landfills, our numbers are more like 13 per cent.  Oh and we also lag behind every other province when it comes to composting, using those energy efficient light bulbs and conserving water.


Well the feds are giving Canadians a bit of looksie at what’ll be in tomorrow’s budget.  Apparently, the document will contain 1.5 billion dollars for job training.  And there’s also gonna be cash put towards infrastructure spending across the country.


 A new study out of Italy adds assurance about a preservative once used in many childhood vaccines.  It’s found that kids who got lower levels of the mercury based preservative called THIMEROSAL had essentially the same brain function of those who got higher leels.  Critics have in the last several years linked that preservative to autism.


Fireworks lit up the sky over Beijing today, as China greeted the arrival of the Year of the Ox.  Despite the gloomy economic forecast, stores said that fireworks sales were up almost 30 per cent from the year before.


And the big winner at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards was “Slumdog Milionaire,” taking home the prize for best overall cast.  Lead acting honours went to Meryl Streep for “Doubt” and Sean Penn for “Milk.”  On the t.v. side, “30 Rock,” took top comedy honours while “Mad Men” won for best t.v. drama.

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