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A 3rd trial has been ordered for a Winnipeg woman accused of killing one of her infant triplets.  2 previous manslaughter trials for 28 year old Michelle Camire, resulted in hung juries.  Camire tried to stop this new trial, saying she’s the victim of an abuse of process.  But, the judge disagreed and ordered her back to court. 


City police have a warning to parents and kids this morning.  Apparently there’s a suspicious male prowling around the Point Douglas area these days.  The man, has been spotted 4 times watching children, and, in some cases following kids in a vehicle.  He’s apparently driving an full size older van.  Anyone who has information about this man is asked to call Crime Stoppers.


The national consumers association says it’s getting flooded with complaints from people who registered on the national do not call list, but are still getting hassled.  Apparently, scammers are going online, and buying part of the list from the CRTC for a minimal fee.  But, anyone who misuses the list could be fined, and most scammers operate outside Canada, leaving them immune from Canadian law.


And, bet ya didn’t know this.  What appeared to be a live performance at Tuesday’s inauguration of Barack Obama, was actually recorded.  The 4 musicians, including cellist Yo-Yo Ma, decided a recording should be used for the ceremonies.  It was all because Tuesday’s weather in Washington was too cold for their instruments to stay tuned.

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