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A 14 year old Winnipeg girl who threatened to blow up her school because she wanted a day off, has now been put on probation for a year.  Court heard the girl, who was 13 at the time, came up with the idea after media reports about similar events at other city schools.  Back in December of 07, she used a felt marker to write a bomb threat on a school bathroom wall.  The school’s janitor found the threat and called police.


A Winnipeg woman has been given a one year conditional sentence for not reporting her common law husband to police, when she found naked pictures of her niece’s on the couple’s computer.  The 32 year old woman claimed she was the prisoner of an abusive relationship and lived in fear of her partner, who is still by the way at large from the law.


U.S. President Barack Obama, will sign an executive order today to shut down the jail at Guantanamo Bay, within one year.  Closing the controversial prison will fulfill a campaign promise.  And, will also halt all military trials taking place there, including that of 22 year old Canadian Omar Khadr, a suspected terrorist.


Just to be on the safe side, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts, has administered the oath of office…again…to President Barack Obama.  The unusual step followed Roberts flubbing of the oath a bit during Tuesday’s inauguration.  Obama re-took the oath from Roberts last night in the White House Map Room.


Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is hinting again about voting against the Harper government’s new budget, which gets brought down on Tuesday.  Yesterday, he warned the document could be rejected by the Liberals if, it doesn’t stabilize employment, create jobs and protect the poor.  If all 3 opposition parties vote against the budget, the Tory minority government would fall, and, we would have to suffer through another election.


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