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U.S. President Obama has taken the oath of office, enjoyed a massive parade in his honour, and danced with his wife at 10 different inaugural balls.  But today?  It’s down to business.  The president will attend a national prayer service and open the White House to the public, before sitting down for meetings with advisers about America’s economic and war troubles.


Meantime, hours into his new job, President Obama made good on a campaign promise regarding the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  His administration has ordered prosecutors to take a 120 day hiatus in the war crimes cases currently underway, while the place gets reviewed.  The 14 cases affected include, those of Canadian terror suspect Omar Khadr, and 5 other alleged 9-11 conspirators.


Things are really heating up for Wpg. firefighters these days.  The number of emergencies they’ve had to respond to are up 13 per cent in just the past 2 years.  That works out to some 7,000 more calls than they had in 2006, or about 150 calls a day.


Wal-Mart will find itself in a showdown in this country’s highest court today.  The U.S. based retail giant is heading to the Supreme Court to defend its decision to shut down a Quebec store, after employee’s decided to start a union. 


And, I guess you could say justice was served.  A B.C. man has been busted after his 11 month old baby accidentally dialed 9-1-1, and brought police to the home….only to find a marijuana grow op.  Cops say a 9-1-1 call came from a home in White Rock, B.C., this past Friday, but nobody was on the line.  Officers headed out anyways to make sure everything was okay, and that’s when they found a very startled Dad and some 500 marijuana plants.


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