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Well to say this is a big day down in the U.S., might be a bit of an understatement.  In just a few hours, Barack Obama will become America’s 44th president.  Obama’s inauguration day will begin with his family in church, then coffee at the White House with President Bush, and then it’s the big swearing in ceremony at 11 o clock Winnipeg time.


Do you like traveling to the U.S., but, getting a little worried since you don’t have a passport yet?  Well, help is on the way courtesy of the province.  Manitobans without passports can soon start applying for new enhanced I.D. cards.  The cards which will be available at any autopac insurance dealer, will be a lot cheaper running around 50 dollars.  The only drawback is, they’re only good for land or sea travel. 


A defence lawyer says media coverage of the case of 2 Winnipeg teens, accused of a murderous plot against schools, a university and a church, has created an uneasy climate at some city schools.  Greg Brodsky says people are actually scared.  Brodsky, who represents the 17 year old boy in the case, says he doesn’t plan to seek bail for his client.  A 17 year old girl is also charged in the case.


And it seems that women have a much harder time saying no to their favourite foods than men do.  Scientists say there’s a surprising difference between the sexes in brain response to controlling food intake.  They say it may explain the higher obesity rate for women and girls.

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