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Canada has finally endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
In this episode of Bamoseda, we’ll examine how relevant the document is or is not. People on the grassroots level are skeptical, while the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations is optimistic and a University of Victoria Law Professor and author of several books on Indigenous rights has a more pragmatic view.
The ink has barely dried on Canada’s endorsement on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and Sharon McIvor will be filing a complaint against Canada at the United Nations  – because of Canada’s continued female discrimination in the Indian Act.
A new education research project at the University of Victoria over the past four years is seeing the fruits of its labour after the results found higher graduation and retention rates.
Burnt Project 1 – Message (CANCON)
Jani Lauzon – The Welcome Song (CANCON)
Asani – Bill C-31 Blues (CANCON)

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