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Terrible Month For CarGo

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Entering Friday night, the Colorado Rockies sat 47-and-52 and are officially without their all-star as Carlos Gonzalez lands on the 15-day DL with a strained right wrist. A playoff push at Coors Field, may have just ended.

Gonzalez re-injured his wrist on Thursday night against the Braves. What happened? He swung at a Tommy Hanson fastball. Yup, that’s it. After swinging and missing, Gonzalez immediately grabbed for his wrist and I’m sure he knew at that point that he was headed for the DL.

The Denver Post does a nice job of describing what kind of month it has been for Gonzalez, who’s been dealing with wrist trouble for the last three weeks or so:

July 3 CarGo slams into the center-field wall at Coors Field and injures his right wrist making a highlight-reel catch against the Royals. CarGo had six RBIs in the game before being wheeled off the field.

July 5 Results of MRI listed as deep bone bruise.

July 9 Plays first game in return from original injury.

July 11 Has a cortisone shot to ease discomfort after missing the final two games at Washington. Doctors tell him there is fluid buildup around tendon in his wrist. Has temporary cast put on.

July 16 Returns to the lineup against Milwaukee after missing four games sandwiched around the all-star break due to soreness in his right wrist.

July 20 CarGo lines a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth against Atlanta.

July 21 Gonzalez swings at a high fastball from Braves starter Tommy Hanson in the fifth, then grabs his wrist in pain at home plate. CarGo leaves the game and is taken to a hospital for an MRI examination, which revealed inflamed ligaments.

The problem with the timing of the injury is that Gonzalez was starting to come around. CarGo belted just 1 HR and stole only 3 bases in the first 25 games this season before steadily becoming the near 30-30 guy he was last year.

The Rockies now head off on a 9-game roadtrip without their leadoff man. If you’re in need of OF help, perhaps Travis Snider is still kicking around in your leagues. Staying in Colorado, Eric Young Jr. has been called up. Best of luck filling CarGo’s shoes.

– Alex Seixeiro

The Fantasy Show — July 16th, 2011

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Hello fellow fantasy sports enthusiasts! 

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– Alex Seixeiro

Fantasybiotics: DL-Rod

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Yankee Clipped

“There are a very few people that can put up the numbers that Alex does.  So it’s difficult to replace.”  As read on, it sounds as though Joe Girardi was taking cues from fantasy baseball owners when discussing the latest Alex Rodriguez disaster knee surgery.  Until at least mid-August, Girardi, and fantasy managers, will have to look elsewhere for third-base production.  Can’t find elsewhere?  Follow me…

Shallow Freese

Hey!  Look Cardinals fans – David Freese has played two full weeks…in a row.  If he can continue to outwit Goliath the injury bug, you can count on at least a .300 average and lots of runs from the 2-spot in St. Loo.  Unfortunately, 12 team leagues may be the deepest league with a shot at acquiring Freese’s services.

Keep Rollin’ Rolen

Currently posting the second-lowest BABIP of his career.  What?  Walking 7% less than he ever has.  Come on.  Experiencing a 90 point drop from his lifetime OBP.  Yeah!  All of the above statements are bad if you’ve owned Scott Rolen to this point in the season (feel free to break stuff).  By the same token, the above statements are good if you are just buying in now.  The 36-year-old is in line for a correction in batting average.  With the lack of HR/RBI owners are getting from his position this season, hands down Rolen should be your favourite to fill A-Rod’s roster spot.

Visit Valencia

Originally, Danny Valencia was only going to be recommended because he was @RyanFabro590 ‘s Pick-up of the Week (probably because he shares his name with some guy on Manchester United).  After checking the regular roster of websites, this blogger has nothing but support for his normally-hate-filled (and sometimes wrong) co-host.  Over the past month Valencia has shown he can be a Top 100 fantasy player.  Not only that, his 10 home runs show he’s figured out how to hit for (a bit) more power at the big-league level, and he’s been batting 5th rather than 7th recently.

Giving Chase

I’ll spare you all of the Headley jokes and get right to it.  On Sunday’s show I mentioned Chase Headley as a candidate to replace A-rod.  Upon further review, I still recommend him, you should just temper your expectations.  His home park, nay chasm, doesn’t lend itself to homers and I don’t trust his current .299 average.  Consider Headley among the dregs listed below.

This, That and the Bonifacio

Emilio Bonifacio wasn’t listed higher because I don’t trust him, and because he doesn’t do anything Alex Rodriguez does.  He doesn’t hit homers, he doesn’t yell at Howie Clark, he even uses his own hand to eat popcorn.  Bonifacio does have value though as he has stolen 11 bases over the last 14 days.  Other names to consider include Miguel Tejada, Eduardo Nunez, Edwin Encarnacion, Mike Moustakas and Pedro Alvarez.

After their star went under the knife Monday, Yankees’ PR was quick to pass along the news that “the procedure went as expected, and there were no complications.”  Rodriguez owners can address their ‘Thank You’ notes to Dr. Lee Kaplan.  Enjoy the derby, folks!

Fantasybiotics will appear whenever a relevant (as defined by the author) professional baseball player incurs a serious (enough) injury.  For more fantasy expertise (as defined by the author) subscribe to The Fantasy Show blog and tune in to The Fantasy Show every weekend on Sportsnet Radio THE FAN590.

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