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Please Welcome Mark Sheldon

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I’d like you all to welcome FAN 590 Corespondent Mark Sheldon to ‘The Fantasy Show’ blog. Mark will be writing his weekly piece every single Thursday on fantasy football. Here is Mark’s debut blog.

– Alex Seixeiro

In the Huddle

By Mark Sheldon

Two weeks into the NFL season and already fantasy owners are scratching their heads. Will Adrian Peterson be the best ever, or is he just amazing? How long can Matt Forte and Steve Slaton go without a TD? Is Drew Brees the most underrated QB…ever? Why does Frank Gore’s production fluctuate more than Anne Heche’s sexuality? So many questions, only 15 more weeks to answer them! To those owners that are worried with an 0-2 start, the reality is it’s week 3 people. Week 3! So put down the bottle of Jack Daniels, everything will be alright. Unless you’re a Bills fan.

How impressed were you with the Cowboys new stadium? I think it’s a $1,000,000,000 masterpiece…that doesn’t belong on earth. The stadium looks like a launching pad for the next mission to Mars. Watching that game Sunday night I was thinking to myself, “we could put a dent in world hunger, or we could build a ridiculously sized football stadium.” Those thoughts were soon erased and replaced with “when the hell did Tony Romo become a superstar?” Sure he has attractive girlfriends, but this guy can’t win a big game to save his life. Why is he loved so much in the fantasy world? If he’s not throwing 3 picks he’s fumbling snaps. Oh, and he needs Terrell Owens. The man himself hit the nail on the head with his Tweet after Sunday’s embarrassing display. “Dallas just found out they had a T.R. problem not a T.O problem !!”

Let’s dig a little deeper into the fantasy world…

1st and Goal:

1. A good day to be a ‘Johnson.” While Chris Johnson was penetrating the Texans D with absolute ease, Andre Johnson was doing his best to share the spotlight. CJ put up ridiculous numbers to the tune of 16 carries for 197 rushing yards, 9 receptions for 87 yards and 3 TD’s. Not to be outdone, AJ tossed in a “quiet” 10 receptions for 149 yards and 2 TD’s. (In one of my league’s my buddy Geoff made this trade earlier last week: Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson and Greg Olsen for Frank Gore, Devery Henderson and Antonio Gates. Geoff’s name in our league was changed to “Suicide Watch” by early Sunday evening. Can you blame him?)

2. Drew Brees deserves more credit. After coming within 15 yards (that’s a Reggie Bush swing pass) of breaking Dan Marino’s single season passing yards record last season, Brees followed his impressive week 1 outing with a week 2 line that read: 25/34, 311 yards, 3 TD’s 1 INT. Amazing.

3. Which Frank Gore are we going to get this week? Week 1 Gore (22 CAR for 30 YDS) or week 2 Gore (16 CAR for 207 YDS)? At least the guy keeps you guessing! Good time to move him, you know his week 8 injury is on the horizon.

4. Who is Mario Manningham? The second year player out of Michigan is quickly making Eli Manning forget the name Plaxico Burress. His numbers from last Sunday are helping his case – 10 REC, 150 YDS, 1 TD. Super Mario indeed.

5. One player’s loss is another player’s gain. Replacing Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb put up Brees numbers against the Saints last week, throwing for 391 yards and 2 TD’s. Replacing the suspended Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson continues to be the feel good story so far this season. Jackson has now rushed for 220 YDS on 43 carries while chipping in 11 REC, 108 YDS and a TD through the air. While Greg Jennings was battling a sore wrist last week, Donald Driver put up 6 REC for 99 YDS and a TD. Remember, for every injured Drew Bledsoe, there’s a Tom Brady waiting in line.

Waiver Wire:

Percentages listed are in ESPN/Yahoo! standard leagues and reflects how many teams own the players.

1. Mario Manningham (ESPN 5%) – dude has been lights out! 5%??? Really? I see this number jumping way higher by week’s end. With the injury to Domenik Hixon, Super Mario certainly isn’t getting worse.

2. Rashard Mendenhall (Yahoo! 55%) – fast Willie Parker has been slowed by injuries and poor play the last season and a half. This is a perfect time for Mendenhall to poke his foot in the door and make a statement. While he doesn’t touch the ball enough to garner attention, his 6.4 YPC is quite noticeable.

3. Brent Celek (ESPN 17%) – everyone knew the TE position was the deepest it’s been in years, but this deep? While he was labeled a sleeper about a month ago, Celek certainly has fantasy owners wide awake. Celek put up great numbers last week (8 Rec and 104 YDS) with Kevin Kolb and should continue as long as McNabb stays on the sideline. Celek owners should give Tonya Harding a call.

4. Mark Sanchez (Yahoo! 52%) – The rookie beach boy is certainly riding the wake of his early season success into his week 3 matchup with the once mighty Titans DEF. The Titans DEF has allowed over 350 passing yards in the first 2 games. Not to mention, Sanchez holds a QB rating of 91.3 and is 2-0. Flavour of the month? Potentially, but he’s worth the taste test.

Weekly Matchups:

1. Drew Brees vs Bills DEF: As stated above, Brees is making the case that it should have been him, not Peterson, Jones-Drew or Turner in the “who should I take number 1″ sweepstakes. A favourable matchup in Buffalo this week sees Brees go 28/38, 320 YDS and 3TD’s.

2. Felix Jones vs Panthers DEF: If Marion Barber sits, look for Jones to showcase his skills against a Carolina D that is giving up 4.9 YPC. While he may split with Tashard Choice, Jones has the potential to go off for 17 CAR, 90 YDS and a TD.

3. Kevin Smith vs Redskins DEF: The Lions will likely go back to the running game (Smith rushed 24 times in Week 2 vs. MIN) as rookie QB Matt Stafford continues to understand the NFL. If Calvin Johnson can get open down field, look for the running game to open up quite nicely for Smith. 25 CAR, 115 YDS, 1 TD.

4. Cincinatti DEF vs. Steelers: The Steelers have one of the weakest O-Lines in the league, while the Bengals lead the league in sacks and RBs have averaged just 3.6 YPC against them this season. Look for steady play out of the Bengals secondary and look for Antwan Odom (7 sacks) to be in Ben Roethlisberger’s grill all day. 3 sacks, 1 INT, 1FF,

5. Reggie Wayne vs Cardinals DEF: When Peyton Manning is your QB and you have 199 YDS REC in 2 games, you’re a must start against an Arizona DEF that gobbles up the run. 8 REC, 110 YDS, 1TD.

6. Maurice Jones-Drew vs Texans DEF: Anytime a team gives up 200 YDS on 17 carries (see Chris Johnson) they are definitely a matchup you get excited about. Jones-Drew possesses the same versatility out of the RB position as does CJ, so look for Jones-Drew to have a big week in Houston. 22 CAR, 125 YDS 1 TD 5 REC 79 YDS 1 TD

7. Aaron Rodgers vs Rams DEF: St. Louis is awful; 1 TD in two games awful. That means Rodgers offense will be on the field plenty and look for a bounce back game from Greg Jennings, Rodgers deep threat. 22/30 310 YDS 3 TD’s.

8. Fred Jackson vs Saints DEF: As scary as this is, Jackson could very well have his best game of the season Sunday against New Orleans. The Saints will get their points, but the Bills can’t possibly think they can go tit for tat with Brees and his boys. Look for a heavy dose of Jackson in the 1st half and some dump passes as the game goes on. 22 CAR 92 YDS 2 TD, 5 REC 66 YDS

9. Matt Forte vs. Seahawks DEF: How many people are thinking of all the players they could have drafted over Forte? I’m thinking lots. Da Bears have to get the ball in his hands this week as the Seahawks are one of the worst teams in the league against the run. The only way Jay Cutler continues to get comfortable is if he uses Forte’s skills. 26 CAR 128 YDS 1TD

10. Greg Jennings vs. Rams DEF: Really, the whole Packers offense belongs here, but Jennings has the potential to embarrass the Rams secondary and put up some dangerous numbers this weekend. 8 REC 107 YDS 1TD

Projected Player Rankings: Week 3


1. Drew Brees
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Peyton Manning
4. Philip Rivers
5. Kurt Warner
6. Tom Brady
7. Matt Schaub
8. Matt Ryan
9. Jay Cutler
10. Joe Flacco
11. Tony Romo
12. Trent Edwards
13. Eli Manning
14. Jason Campbell
15. Ben Roethlisberger
16. Brett Favre
17. Carson Palmer
18. Kevin Kolb
19. Mark Sanchez
20. Jake Delhomme


1. Maurice Jones-Drew
2. Adrian Peterson
3. DeAngelo Williams
4. Matt Forte
5. Clinton Portis
6. Fred Jackson
7. Michael Turner
8. Ryan Grant
9. Steven Jackson
10. Kevin Smith
11. Brandon Jacobs
12. Steve Slaton
13. Chris Johnson
14. Frank Gore
15. Felix Jones
16. Ronnie Brown
17. Willis McGahee
18. Darren Sproles
19. Cadillac Williams
20. Tim Hightower


1. Reggie Wayne
2. Andre Johnson
3. Steve Smith (CAR)
4. Marques Colston
5. Greg Jennings
6. Larry Fitzgerald
7. Randy Moss
8. Roddy White
9. Calvin Johnson
10. Anquan Boldin
11. Terrell Owens
12. Vincent Jackson
13. Santonio Holmes
14. Dwayne Bowe
15. DeSean Jackson
16. Chad Ochocinco
17. Steve Smith (NYG)
18. Lee Evans
19. Donald Driver
20. Mario Manningham


1. Antonio Gates
2. Jason Witten
3. Dallas Clark
4. Tony Gonzalez
5. Chris Cooley
6. Kellen Winslow
7. Brent Celek
8. Jeremy Shockey
9. Owen Daniels
10. John Carlson
11. Greg Olsen
12. Todd heap
13. Dustin Keller
14. Zach Miller
15. Visanthe Shiancoe


1. Green Bay Packers
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. Minnesota Vikings
6. New York Giants
7. New York Jets
8. Cincinnati Bengals
9. Washington Redskins
10. Tennessee Titans
11. Dallas Cowboys
12. Denver Broncos
13. Chicago Bears
14. New England Patriots
15. San Diego Chargers

Lynell Who???

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

The Buffalo Bills run-defense has been one of the bright spots thus far in their early 1-1 season and heading into Sunday’s home tilt against the New Orleans Saints, it could be a third straight solid game for stopping the run.

Pierre Thomas seems to be a risky start at RB in any fantasy league as he’ll wear a smaller brace to deal with that banged up knee. Couple that with the fact that Lynell Hamilton took a bunch of first team reps in practice yesterday and it goes to show that Thomas will be limited at best against Buffalo this weekend. Hamilton is an unknown commodity, so start him at your own risk.

Meanwhile if you were one of the lucky fantasy owners to grab Fred Jackson, you’re smiling from ear-to-ear. Jackson is the only player in the league through Weeks 1 & 2 to have over 200 yards rushing and over 200 yards receiving. Clearly, Jackson is making the most out of Marshawn Lynch’s 3-game suspension and look for the Bills to keep Jackson involved when Lynch returns in week 4. Jackson is a solid play at home this week against the Saints in what should be a shootout at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

***Listen to ‘The Fantasy Show’ this Saturday at 6pm on The FAN 590. We’ll be previewing Week 3 of the NFL, going through every single game while taking your phone calls and emails. Write to us!

– Alex Seixeiro

Troubling News For Thomas Jones Owners

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

It’s safe to say that this was expected, but the New York Jets are sticking to a somewhat understandable plan of giving RB Leon Washington about 20 touches per game.

What this does for Thomas Jones is obviously on the negative side of things when it comes to fantasy. I believe he’ll more then likely get a share of goal-line touches but if Washington starts developing himself into a more dynamic player, then Jones’ fantasy value will drop quite a bit.

Jones and Washington each had 14 carries versus the Patriots last week. Jones rushed for 59 yards while Washington picked up 58 yards on the ground to go alongside 18 yards in the air. Don’t be surprised if Washington gets more looks as the season progresses.

Grab him if he’s available in any league.

– Alex Seixeiro

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