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The Fantasy Show — May 31st, 2009

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Another week gone by means another edition of The Fantasy Show.

Today, myself, Ryan and Ben discuss the highly anticipated major league debut of Orioles catcher Matt Weiters. We take a close look at David Price, significant DL stints for Carlos Quentin, Grady Sizemore, Joey Votto and Brett Myers.  We take your emails and conclude with our pick-up’s of the week.

Here is today’s show:


As always, we want to hear from you. Send us your fantasy baseball questions/comments!

Next Sunday, we’ll back on the air at 6pm with Zach Cosby filing in for Ryan who will be visiting Fenway Park.

Talk to you all then!

– Alex Seixeiro

Rambling on a Thursday

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Ok I’m going to ramble about many things fantasy related and otherwise. Its a perfect format, since its a Blog, not a formal essay right??? Lets start with some dudes to pick up on the waiver wire:

-T Bay utility man Ben Zobrist. With Iwamura saying sayonara to the season, Ben might actually get to start for a prolonged period of time!He pushed his average above 300 tonight, plus the power, plus the speed. As Kazakh baseball correspondent Borat says:; “I Liiiike!”

- The Old Sheff, Mets OF Gary Sheffield. I know, he’s older than the dude guarding the holy grail in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, but………  He’s hitting for avg . 295, has had the power stroke going with 4 bombs in his last 13, and is sitting right in the cleanup spot for the team from Queens. Since Ryan Church has found his usual spot on the DL, and Murphy and Tatis filling in for Delgado at 1b, Gary’s there to stay for awhile  – you may as well benefit!

- Sometimes I’m so smart. Dodgers SP Randy Wolf, who I have been singing praises about since Day 1 of the Fantasy Show, has been rediculous. Another gem tonight for LA (what a team, Manny who??) dropping his ERA to 2.84, 1.11 WHIP, 57 k, 20 bb, and some how is only 50 % owned in ESPN, 61 % in Yahoo. HUH? The only other question I have is why didn’t I draft him? Damn you Rob Wong. Damn You. AAAANNNND he gives some credit to the name wolf despite the horrific Nicholson/Pfeiffer movie. Speaking of Pfeiffer – underrated movie – The Fabulous Baker Boys. Check it. I told you, I’m rambling!

 - I have Quigley Down Under on in the background. (AMC is solid) Not sure why. Might be Tom Selleck’s moustache, or that Alan Rickman is the man. Die Hard 1 is the best.


- O’s C Matt Wieters should make his debut Friday. Celebration for all those geeks who drafted him early this year! Should be the real deal, but who knows how he adjusts to the MLB at first.

- Speaking of the O’s: OF Nolan Reimold, not a bad prospect himself, just hit his 5th bomb in 14 games. Take notice, those who are lacking power! Luke Scott came off the DL hit 2 as well. I don’t like Luke as much as Nolan, but who am I?

- Guess what stadium has the highest runs per game average this year? Coors Field. Not every story has to have a crazy ending. I’m noticing that Citi Field in Queens is ranked 20th in runs, not playing as easy as The New Yankee Stadium (10th), just ask David Wright and his 3 home runs.

 - Congrats Barcelona for winning the Champions League title. I hate you.

- Does Carl Pavano not suck?

- What’s uglier than Danny Trejo ask? No, not Alex Seixeiro’s fantasy team record but the Tampa Bay Rays closing situation! I thought Isringhausen would be the guy, since it would allow the rest of the bunch to keep their roles, but he loves to walk people doesn’t he? Monday was frightening…At least he worked 2 scoreless on Wednesday! The word around the fantasy sites is that Wheeler might be the man, but it sure doesn’t look like Mr. Maddon is in a hurry.

- Want to know what sucks? When Nick Markakis and Alfonso Soriano go cold on your team at the same time for 3 weeks.

- What else sucks? The jays. COME ON BOYS! Not another long summer!

 - You know what doesn’t? The Florida Marlins bullpen. Sure, Matt Lindstrom’s #’s haven’t been great closing out games, but when you have a sec – check out what Kiko Calero and Dan Mayer are doing. ERA of both well under 3, WHIP hovering around 1 and both have more K’s than innings pitched. Good stuff! If only they started or closed haha! Either way, maybe some guys to keep on the pitching side of things everyday.

- In other news: The Fan590 ball hockey banquet goes friday night at the Mandarin, and the Madison. With all the ladies sure to read the blog given the female love for fantasy sports, feel free to head over to the Madison friday night. Ken Rodney needs some love!!

 - More fantasy insight and bad jokes this Sunday on the FAN at 6pm – fire your emails to and we’ll be happy to help out and answer them on the show!!!

later. FABRO

Rays Bullpen Woes

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Firstly, I wanted to briefly touch on the blog-bash by Sportsnet’s Joe C. found here.  It looks like Joe has decided to use US Weekly headlines from 10 years ago and sitcoms from 20 years ago to attack me.  “TomKat and Bennifer”, “Facts of Life and The Cosby Show” seriously?  How about a recent reference, like “Joe your fantasy advice is as tired and dysfunctional as John and Kate plus 8″.  Perhaps Joe’s just bitter about the fact that he has to wear a suit to work, while in the non-visual media world I am able to comfortably talk fantasy baseball while wearing my Tigers Cecil Fielder jersey.  Either way, I hope that the stage lights from the Sportsnet Studio don’t cause premature male pattern baldness for either Joe or Eric.

On to the important stuff…

Oh my goodness did that Rays bullpen implode last night against the Indians!  The Tribe came back from down 10-0 and down 6 runs in the ninth to win 11-10.  Jason Isringhausen was probably the biggest stiff to come out of the bullpen as he faced 4 batters and didn’t retire a single one, while walking 3 straight.  I’m pretty sure that was just a bad day at the office for Izzy as it’s the first time in four appearances this season that he’s given up a run, but if he continues to struggle I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan Wheeler is the next guy to be given save opportunities.  He’s got 38 career saves, including 13 last season, although he did blow 5 of them.  Maybe last season was an aberration as the Rays were third in the American League last year, converting 78% of save opportunities, while in 2007 they were 2nd last in the American League, converting just 57%.  I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

A-Rod, I Love You

Monday, May 25th, 2009

That’s what every fantasy baseball owner should be saying at this very moment, IF, you own Alex Rodriguez.

As many people had done during their respective drafts, I selected Alex Rodriguez pretty high in my draft knowing that a bum hip would sideline him for a good portion of the beginning of the season. As a result, my team suffered tremendously through April and the first week of May, but now, I’m smiling from ear-to-ear.

Although the batting average hasn’t been great, heading into Monday’s day-game with the Rangers, A-Rod picked up 8 home runs since May 8th, to go alongside 13 RBI’s. Against the Rangers today, A-Rod tied a career-high with a 5-hit performance, driving in 4. Rodriguez up’d his batting average from a meager .189 to .259 in one afternoon.

The Yankees have now won 11-of-13 in big-part to A-Rod’s return, which also sparked Mark Teixeira’s presence at the plate (30 hits, 28 RBI’s in the month of May). Without a doubt, A-Rod is the best hitter in baseball and it seems like the surgically repaired hip is not a problem at all.

We want your emails!!!  Send us your comments/questions to:

– Alex Seixeiro

The Fantasy Show — May 24th, 2009

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Due to Jays, Memorial Cup and Sunday Night Baseball commitments, our show today can be heard at midnight on The FAN 590, or, you can check it out right here on the blog.

Myself, Ben and Ryan discussed a busy week in fantasy, touching on many pitching issues including K-Rod’s visit to the hospital, Nolasco’s demotion and significant call-up’s by the Jays and Rays.  We also take your emails and conclude with our pick-up’s of the week.

Here is today’s show for your listening pleasure:


We’ll be back next Sunday in our regular time slot of 6pm.

Get your emails in!

Talk to you next week!

– Alex Seixeiro

So last night I debut on the Fantasy Blog raving not only about late night CD infomercials, but about Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa who has been putting up great numbers, until he got SMOKED tonight against the Braves. 3.2 IP 5 er 7 h 5 BB and 1 K. He’s been striking everyone out this year, and I write a blog about him and he strikes out 1 while walking 5. Really? Ugly, like Oscar De La Hoya getting pounded by Bernard Hopkins back in ’04. Oh well. A bad start on the Blog, but the on-air picks have been going much better. Oh by the way, we are not on at 10 AM this sunday but at Midnight now due to a super soccer show and the Memorial Cup; what a busy sports world…. SOOOOOO fire your emails and we will be more than happy to assist; you just have to stay up late to hear the answers! Back to De La Rosa, I think I’m going to keep him on my team another week (14 team mixed) and hope this was just a bad night at the office. On the other end of the spectrum, how about Phil Hughes tonight? He struck out a career high 9 tonight against the Orioles in only 5 innings, including my boy Nick Markakis 3 times (OUCH) . Hughes continues to be an intriguing pitcher with that stunning upside and solid team behind him, but can he ever be consistent? This start has to be great for his confidence, and the Yanks confidence in him, but Chien-Ming Wang is coming back soon, and it will likely be Mr. Hughes spot he will be taking… We’ll watch with interest on the Fantasy Show, and let you know the dilio. (As the kids say.. back in 1998… i’m getting old..) Other pitching sidenotes: Cris Carpenter had a nice return from the DL with 5 strong, 4K’s, 0 runs against  and a W vs the Cubs, the Pirates pitching staff continues to impress – Maholm with a great performance, 1 ER, 7 K’s and the W over the Nats; Brad Penny continues to be average but win for the BoSox (He’s 4-1 now!) and as we talked about 2 weeks ago, what the heck is up with Scott Kazmir? Another ugly outing tonight, against the hittingly-challenged Oakland A’s (wilner inspired bad, but good english) WHHHAAAT? How do you give up 7 ER against the A’s, with the awful 4 BB and 3 K on the side. That’s nasty. He says he is in a rut, that he’ll figure it out, but the K’s have been down over the last 2 years, the control is uncontrollable, and the once unreal slider is now real ugly. Edward James Olmos ugly. Sorry, that was superficial and petty. But that’s me.. You would figure a guy who is still young should figure it out, put it back together and be a great buy low candidate in fantasy, but its scary isn’t it? I’m considering dealing for him, but trembling at the same time.. Kazmir and Liriano in Minny, who tonight gave up 7 ER  with 3 BB and just 1 K in a loss to the WhiteSox, just ain’t what they used to be.. Since coming back from Tommy John surgery Liriano has not been the same guy. His groundball to flyball ratio has been waaaay up and much like Scotty K, his once mighty slider, isn’t dominating like it used to be. You have to be brave to make a move for these guys when they look down and out, but I might try. Will you? You have to be fearless. You have to be like the most interesting man in the world Last time i checked though, Dos Equis stood for X X , so you can cross me out of the running for those two guys right now. I’m too scared of their stats. I’m not the most interesting man in the world, I’m just 3rd out of 14  in my fantasy league and going up, despite Jorge De La Rosa’s horrific night.

Fabro’s First Blog Ever!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I am officially in the Blogosphere! Exciting! Between work, play, and marriage its a tough to get some free time! Ok on to business. The Fantasy Show is not at noon this Sunday as previously stated but at 10 AM so,  wake up early folks! Calls and emails all more than welcome, we dig the communication!! So no breakfasts out, long sleeps, hangovers, morning jogs, church (i didn’t mean that i swear) and so on, lets focus on fantasy baseball this Sunday at 10 am! By the way, i missed last week’s show as I was attending a fantastic wedding in Waterloo (congrats Angela and Leo) but how about my Dave Bush pick of the week? Solid tonight, expect the same on the weekend folks! My advice to you now is pick up Jorge De La Rosa of the Rockies if you need some starting pitching help (he’s widely available, but i expect not for long). SIDENOTE: is there anything better than random cd infomercials on tv late at night? Im digging  THE EASY ROCK collection featuring such great hits as “Lotta Love” by Nicollete Larson and “Dance With Me” by Orleans, but then again I’ve spent too many hours at the FAN where Lance Kennedy is in control of the music.(YIKES) Anyhoo De La Rosa, ya i know he pitches at Coors Field, but I picked him up on my team (ranked 3rd of 14 right now in the FAN pool, don’t ask where Seixeiro is) and he’s been money. His past 2 games – 22 K’s 1 BB. This season: 3.16 ERA 1.17 WHIP, Last year after the All Star break – 3.08 ERA 1.33 WHIP. Pretty good, no? The blemish right now is his 0-3 record, man how the Rockies suck. BUUUUUUUT I have faith, and those numbers are pretty good. A little run support, and we’re looking good, Jorge and I. Plenty of room on the bandwagon folks. More tips and smiles coming up on Sunday’s Fantasy Show, so check us out and get ready for Sunday before your parents/girlfriend/ wife orders you around for the rest of the day!! (Joking. Kind of…)

The Fantasy Show — May 17th, 2009

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Hope you all enjoyed today’s edition of ‘The Fantasy Show’!

Myself, Ben and Zach Cosby (Ryan Fabro was at a wedding) touched on many fantasy baseball topics, including Big Papi’s downfall, top prospects who’ve been called up, significant injuries around the majors and of course we conclude with our pick-up of the week.

In case you couldn’t hear the show live, here it is for your listening pleasure:


We are live next Sunday afternoon from 10:00am-11:00am where we’ll take your emails and calls.

Get your emails in!

Talk to you next week!

– Alex Seixeiro

Sportsnet Fantasy Videos

Friday, May 15th, 2009

I was just over at’s fantasy site and stumbled upon this video and wouldn’t you know it, they’re also into Nick Johnson.  Sounds like somebody’s been gleaning some info from this very blog.  Hmmmmm.

First Post About Firstbasemen

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I’m making my blog debut with a little thought about first basemen.  In my keeper league I have both Kevin Youkilis and Carlos Delgado locking down my one-bag position, so needless to say I’ve been monitoring possible free agent first basemen to fill in while they’re both out with their respective injuries and I think I’ve found a more that suitable replacement.  Nats firstbaseman Nick Johnson was available and I quickly picked him up in time for his 4 for 5 game against the Gigantes.  As poor a start to the season as the Nationals have had, that offence is not the reason and Johnson should rack up a ton of runs hitting second in that lineup.

 Not exactly sure how to respond to comments, but send them in anyways.

 -Ben Ennis

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